Business Experts

Societies thrive thanks to entrepreneurs and companies. Historically, commerce has always evolved faster than regulatory changes. Business innovation and legal creativity. Such constitute the millenary formula for the flourishing of trade, finances, industrial activities, and so many other business endeavors.

In Altra Legal, we understand this dynamic. We are entrepreneurs, and we strive to understand in depth the needs of the companies that come to us. We are aware that the “Yes You Can” was always the attitude for the creation of fruitful projects. And companies know that if they come to us with good ideas, we will find a way to make them flourish. With creativity. Innovating. Perhaps the word “disruptive” is the one that best characterizes the attitude with which we face challenges. Clients know it, and that’s why with us, they feel safe. We will find the ethical path for things to happen. And we will at the same time contribute to the evolution of the law of our society. It is something we have been doing over the years.

Over and over again. Boosting trust-related and stock market activities. Installing arbitration in our environment. Proposing new legal modalities of business collaboration. And so many other things.
On countless occasions, we have avoided litigation, also from the search for ingenious paths. And when all the doors are closed, and we have to confront to enforce legitimate claims of our clients, we advance the same creative attitude. With ingenuity, we develop strong arguments. This is the reason why we are successful litigants, in addition to the extraordinary sharpness that our remarkable experience in arbitration and investment dispute resolution gives us.

We like what we do. We are effective in what we do.
That’s why our clients feel safe, and when we meet, more than that, they have an enjoyable time with us.
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José Antonio Moreno Rodríguez
Executive Director – Altra Legal