Labour Law Compliance: Labour Certificate

By Ministerial Resolution N.° 3109/19, the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security created the “Certificate of Labor or Certificate of Labor Compliance” -CCL for its Spanish initials-.

The CCL replaces the companies’ records of inscriptions and the records of being up to date with the filing of the payroll spreadsheets and reflects and ensures the compliance with regulations and labor obligations by the employing companies.

The CCL guarantees that the employer complies with the following labor law requirements: (1) inscription in the Registry of Employer-Employee, (2) filing of annual spreadsheets within the deadline and in accordance with the order and modality established by the MTESS, (3) communication of personnel movement (permits and vacations granted, cautions, warnings, and suspensions of the personnel, notification of occupational accidents, risks, and diseases) within the deadline and in accordance with the order and modality established by the MTESS; (4) possession of all the mandatory documents, (5) approval and registration of an Internal Work Regulation; and, (6) approval of the corresponding employment contracts.

In addition, during the verification prior to the expedition of the CCL, there will be a review of the existence or absence of the companies’ investigative processes, as well as of the existence of fines that have yet to be paid by the company.

Once the verification is finalized, the Vice Ministry of Labor, through the Direction of Registry of Employee – Employer will grant the CCL, which will have a validity of 3 (three) months and a cost of 1 (one) minimum day’s wage established for diverse non-specified activities.

The interested company will be able to print the Certificate of Labor Compliance from its REOP user within 5 working days from the date of payment of the fee.

For more information on the obtention of Certificates of Labor Compliance, contact Andrea Reiser